My Brothers, our lodge is like the wheel on a bicycle. Each spoke, like each brother, carries a little bit of the weight. The more brothers we have involved, the better it is for all of us. Each of us brings our own set of talents, abilities and wherewithal. By working together we become a better machine. Any and all contributions improve our lodge, and in doing so, improve the world around us. So I challenge you to pick and open project from below and help those brothers who have projects that are in progress. Even if you can’t make it to ever regular meeting, you can still be an active and valuable part of our brotherhood. 

– Cordially and fraternally, Worshipful Master Kevin F. Fernandes


These are projects that need YOU! If you find something that fits your skills and passion, contact your lodge Ambassador, Bro. Brian Poillucci at 508-813-3273 to become a Project Manager.


Can’t thank you enough for making it happen!