Master Builder’s Award

The Massachusetts Grand Lodge of Masons is pleased to present our “Master Builder’s Award” as part of this jurisdiction’s ongoing commitment to membership engagement and getting our existing members involved in their respective blue lodges.

1. Attend a Grand Lodge sponsored educational program
2. Attend at least one visit of the lodge’s DDGM to another lodge in the District, or attend a
communication of another lodge in the District
3. Attend at least seven stated lodge communications over the course of the year
4. Work on at least one lodge social activity OR lodge charitable event
5. Connect with an inactive brother and bring him back to lodge
6. Sponsor at least one candidate into the lodge

Alternates: (Choose five of the following nine)
1. Take a sanctioned tour of the Grand Lodge Building in Boston
2. Assist at least once with the officers setting up the lodge room (a meeting or rehearsal)
3. Assist at least once with the preparation of candidate(s) before the degree, OR assist in a cipher
training for another candidate
4. Attend the Feast of Saint John
5. Attend a District Exemplification
6. Attend a DeMolay or Rainbow meeting, event, or Installation
7. Attend a Masonic Memorial Service
8. Assist in organizing and running of an Open House or Membership event
9. Assist in organizing and running a MYCHIP event, or a Blood drive

There are eleven items that need to be fulfilled for the Master Builder’s Award, and it must be completed within twelve months from the start date (cannot begin prior to the September of the current year Grand Lodge Quarterly Communication).

There are many brothers in our lodges who are looking for Masonic activities to engage them. There are also those brothers whom have not returned to lodge, and if a concerted effort is made by the Worshipful Master to reconnect with these brothers, the Master Builder’s Award may just be the vehicle to peak their interest and get them coming out once again.

Attached is a checklist for the Master Builder’s Award. Once it has been completed and signed off by the Master of the lodge and Ambassador, it is to be the Lodge Secretary to the Grand Master’s Office for his review and approval. Once approved, the recipient can receive his award (a Grand Lodge Certificate signed by the Grand Master and affixed with the Grand Lodge seal) at the next visit of the District Deputy Grand Master.


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